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Great read for lifelong fans of the greatest Consulting Detective

The Final Solution - Michael Chabon, Jay Ryan

Michael Chabon’s The Final Solution.

“The longer this story settles into my mind, the better and better it is – both as a story, but also technically.  Chabon’s writing is of such a high caliber, he can outshine his own plotting, characters, etc.  Not showing off, mind you – just so very good that it can make the writing appear, instead of the story.  Perfect in length, and a great read for lifelong fans of the greatest Consulting Detective.  I’d recommend to Sherlock Holmes fans, bird people, World War II buffs, and Writers with a capital W.”

My review from 2011



Source: http://benjaminlclark.tumblr.com/post/125372822082/michael-chabons-the-final-solutionthe-longer